Who wants to make a sex tape

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What if your private moment is made public? What if you hate the video? What if you look weird and it feels awkward?

Who wants to make a sex tape

If you want to make sure that your experience is sexy and fun for both you and your partner, check out these 7 tips:. Before you start talking about the particulars of sex positions and mood lighting, you and your partner need to have a serious conversation to set some ground rules. There are lots of things to consider before making a sex tape and getting on the same with your partner will ensure that the experience is enjoyable for both of you.

There are some basic things that you should talk about. What are you hoping to get out of making a sex tape? Is this sex tape for your own private enjoyment or is this something that you would be open to sharing with others? Are you both open to showing your faces on the sex tape or is it important to you that your face be obscured? All of these questions require careful consideration.

Who wants to make a sex tape

Once something hits the Internet there is no real way to ever get it back — and it can be floating around for years. No matter how much you trust your partner, insist on taking measures to protect your privacy and your own personal boundaries. If your partner truly respects you, he or she will have no problem complying with your wishes and making sure that you feel comfortable.

There are a few little things that you can do to make sure that you and your film look your best. First, consider where you want to film. Try hopping up on a sturdy desk or table, using a stairwell to facilitate some more adventurous positions or heading out to a secluded backyard or patio. Once you find a spot, take a minute to stage the area. Remember that the camera sees everything and the last thing you want to see in the frame of your steamy sex tape is your dirty socks or old take out containers.

Just like most of us cringe when we hear a recording of our voice, seeing yourself doing the deed on film can be a little jarring at first for even the most confident person. Avoiding harsh, direct lighting is the best way to ensure that your sex tape leaves you feeling sexy instead of uncomfortable. There are a few easy ways to create soft light in your space before filming. It takes a little extra work, but this quick modification really enhances a room and is something you can enjoy long after your sex tape romp is over. Supplementing your lighting with candles is another great way to add some soft yellow light as well as some romantic ambiance.

Whatever you decide, remember not to skimp on the lighting.

Who wants to make a sex tape

Set your phones and electronic devices on silent. Make sure that pets are outside or safely closed off in another part of the house. Make sure that any furniture that you are going to be using is sturdy and secure. Prepare any props, sex toys, and the best lubricant for your particular scene and place them nearby so they are ready to go. Some sex positions have more of a learning curve than others, so be aware that while trying something new can be fun, it could potentially lead to some awkward moments.

Also consider how the various sex positions you might utilize will look relative to where your camera is set up. Some angles are more flattering than others, so consider which sex positions show the things you want to show and stick to those. Kissing, sharing a glass of wine, and giving each other a sexy massage are all great ways to get you both feeling calm and connected before you start filming.

Who wants to make a sex tape

The more time you spend stoking the embers, the hotter your sex tape will be — so take your time. After all, your partner finds you so alluring in bed that he or she wants to film a sex tape with you. Your partner wants nothing more than to see you and hear you and share this experience with you, so there is really nothing to be self-conscious about.

Let loose and enjoy yourself. A great lube can do everything from enhancing your foreplay to prolonging your pleasure, making using lube while filming your sex tape a no-brainer. There are several different kinds of lube, so no matter your preferences you can find the best lubricant for you.

There are lubes made especially for vaginal drynessshower sexa quick solo sessiona marathon session with your partner, and more. If you need help picking out the best lubricant for your needs you can check out our handy guide to the best lubricant for every occasion.

The problem with porn, though it can be entertaining, is that it can set some pretty unrealistic expectations about sex.

Who wants to make a sex tape

A scene that looks like it took half an hour was likely filmed over multiple hours, if not days. Filming your sex tape, on the other hand, should be. Focus instead on the pleasure that you and your partner are giving each other and do what feels right for both of you. The end result will be a sex tape that is far more sexy, personal and intimate than a professionally made porn could ever be. What do you think of our suggestions? FREE Sample. Tags Sexual Wellness Relationship role play scenarios Role play ideas Role playing in marriage Role play for beginners Role play ideas for the bedroom new sex toys best new sex toys best sex toys for women vibrator sex toy womanizer sex toy modern sex toys testosterone levels sleep disorders sleep deprivation sleep problems mental health circadian clock sleepiness sleep schedule mood hormone men and women sleep cycle happy relationship relationship strategies enhance relationship satisfaction compliment your partner be vulnerable listen to your partner perform favors relationship check-ins talk about sex Relationship Trends Dating Trends Sex Trends new year trends trends Relationship tips Sex tips online dating dating apps.

Who wants to make a sex tape

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What Making a Sex Tape is Really Like—As Told By Women Who've Done it