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What was once a few volcanic island clusters, over time became a rich network of canals, lagoons, and rivers that are all blocked off from the ocean by beautiful beaches. As rivers deposited sand and minerals from the rainforests the area became rich with plant and animal life. The beaches are popular for being a major sea turtle nesting destination for a few different types of sea turtles. Twice per year sea turtles come and lay their eggs. It is very possible you may get to see a big 400 lb turtle dig her nest and lay her eggs and journey back to the sea, or you are fortunate enough to witness little baby sea turtle’s hatching. The way to experience Tortuguero is by boat as it is an area made up of rivers, canals, and lagoons. This area is teeming with plant and wildlife expect to see caimans, otters, and monkeys as you make your way through the winding rivers and canals. This experience is great for nature lovers and for those who also like adventure can rent canoes and kayaks to traverse the canals and rivers on their own or with a guide. Imagine seeing some caimans and monkeys only feet away from you as you kayak through the canals of Turtuguero.

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