Santa Teresa

Beach view
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Santa Teresa is a booming travel destination particularly among surfers and the younger crowds. Known for its magnificent surf and picturesque coastline where the jungle meets beautiful sandy beaches. Santa Teresa town is a peculiar shape as it runs parallel with the coastline. The main street runs right along the coastline and in high season is jam packed with cars and tourists. There are also many different restaurants, hostels, and hotels to cater to all the visitors. Santa Teresa is also known for its night life as it is home to many great international festivals and concerts with DJ’s and spectators coming from around the world to party. There are also many other activities to enjoy besides just the beach and surfing, you can do things like hike to the awe-inspiring Montezuma waterfalls, zip-lining, horseback riding, and snorkeling tours are available as well. When visiting Santa Teresa make sure you watch a sunset. It seems like the whole town comes to the beach to watch the sun set and appreciate and savor life, each other, and the surrounding views.

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