Personal Thackerville and massuese

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Search Menu Contact. Quotes about Dr. Dot Quotes about Dr. Dot's Team Feedback from Dr. Dot's Team. Dot gives the best massage in the world. Powerful massage. You rock! Dot's 4 hands rules. She also didn't talk a lot, which I particularly liked. I appreciate your follow up.

Your service is awesome. Dot gave me best massage I've ever gotten. You guys ROCK! Dot and her Dotbots. They are the best. They massage you, adjust you and are very reliable. Your team rocks! The Tour had worked with her on the tour cycle 2 years prior and had no complaints so I Personal Thackerville and massuese to give it a try too as I needed a massage therapist in each city where we had a concert, it was easy to just have to give a list of cities and dates and Dr. Dot had one lined up for all the cities.

Massage therapist showed up on time and were clean, dressed in Dr. Dot T-Shirt which I liked, easy to recognize. In the rare occasion I had a problem, Dr. Dot jumped on it and problem resolved in minutes. I felt Dr. Dot was reachable 24hrs. Dot always has the best massage therapists. Dot and her entire team.

Personal Thackerville and massuese

It's so nice to know that we can get a massage in any city! Traveling can be uncomfortable and her team really helps us out on the road. I would hate to tour without them!

Personal Thackerville and massuese

They always make my clients very happy and at the end of the day that's all that matters! It has been a big help. I send one and one magically appears no matter where we are in the country. DOT is the best. She has this ability to Personal Thackerville and massuese to everyone somehow and is so passionate about massage, what other boss do you know comes out and does massage, obviously she only hires the best.

Dot know that I am very happy with all of the Dot Bot's this summer. Dot team! Your team is consistent, professional and give an outstanding massage. Your team has been completely professional and nothing short of stellar. Thanks again! I finally have time of and wanted to you my thoughts. My name is Will A. I get a lot of massages around the country and all I have to say is unless I really need a little something done that can't wait, Michelle is the ONLY masseuse that is allowed to work on me!

No joke, the others are good, but no one can make me feel so good like she does. She has worked out things that I thought I could never work out! It made feel like a million bucks. If I could afford it I would make her my personal masseuse at home and on the road! Thank You so much for everything! I would Personal Thackerville and massuese like to add that even after my retirement from the stoopid family I am still tempted to fly her to me so that my friends and I can get worked on by her!!

I have definitely enjoyed her work that much that I had to write to let you know that Thank you so much for the years of wonder!! Your folks were, per usual, wonderful. You provide a great service, and I appreciate it. I appreciate your professional staff and look forward to working with them again soon.

We've had a lot of the Dr. Dot's on various stops on the recent Staind tour. Thanks for the therapy! Loving your service - girls have been fantastic. Maria stayed for close to 12 hours, and massaged each of us at least twice. She has amazing skills, and a very pleasant, friendly demeanor that makes her a wonderful fit backstage. She's a new favorite.

We almost took her on the bus. You really provide a great service. Just wanted to write and tell you that I just had one of the best massages ever with Amy while I was at house of blues for a Stone Temple Pilots show. Really good stuff, thorough and informative. Hope to see her again when we go through the area. Many Thanks!

Personal Thackerville and massuese

Dot with her team; they are all excellent. I made an appointment with Jessica for last Thursday, this was a very and almost life changing massage.

Personal Thackerville and massuese

I had been looking for a quality massage for 2 years and haven't been able to find a someone who was knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide what my injuries needed. I had been seriously injured in Iraq in and had been going to physical therapist since trying to rehab my hip, back and should but have had only limited relief.

After a though discuss of my injuries, issues and goals she outlined what she felt could benefit me. During the massage session she started lightly and worked deeper finding areas of pain, tightness that I didn't even know existed.

Personal Thackerville and massuese

She is extremely strong and was able to really stretch me out and loosen up years of tightness. She has a very magical touch and almost can look inside of you to find out what is going on with your body.

Personal Thackerville and massuese

After my session I had my first good nights sleep in several years. Now mind you I have seen all types of Doctors, and have been under the care of a physical therapist with 25 years of experience and have found only very limited relief for my injuries. After all of this time I am finally only a road to recovery.

Jessica is really into her craft and takes great pride in providing a very high quality massage. Thanks to your for hiring such a fantastic therapist and to Jessica thanks for making me feel good again. Now I am off to my second appointment with her. Everything from her disposition to her skills. My entire band and crew adored her. I felt it was important to tell how amazing this woman was, and how she brightened our day.

Neil LA Dotbot was awesome and really helped me out big time! He provided a table, towels etc which made it very easy to work with. Very on point and definitely made for an amazing show at night - thank you again! Romi Prague Dotbot came by, arrived early, was very well prepped had her own table, scented candles, oils, towels and had the brightest smile we'd seen in days!

She took care of the band-members who all were left amazed and startled by her touch ; Thanks Romana, def will hit you up next time round. Personal Thackerville and massuese is a life saver on tour. But you, Dr. You're Great! Dot is the BEST! I be looking out the window for you guys. Girls were super awesome and talented. We will be in touch for future tours! Dot really is just the best and saves me so much time hunting for good massage therapists for whole mornings! Thank you!

Personal Thackerville and massuese

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