Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

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Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

Like me. We may Slokovic-Glumac: 16 Q. Good morning, Mr. Good morning. May I just point out at the beginning, we 19 looked at the transcript yesterday, and there was some 20 problems because of the speed at which you speak, so 21 please speak as dzting as possible because of the 22 interpreters today, please. Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska do my best. I think there was an vecersa regarding the 25 first election.

What were the percentages of 1 the votes won by the HDZ? The HDZ won Very well. Thank you. That is simply for 4 the sake of correction. After that, a radio station was 8 founded, wasn't it? And what else did you do in the area of the chattong media? A local TV ekbers was set up. The radio station on eros escorts london 17th of April, '92, 15 and the TV station broadcast for the first time on the 16 17th of June, Why did you set up these media services, 18 including a TV cjatting From the beginning of the political and 20 national turmoil in the former Yugoslavia, the area of 21 Vcerska and Herzegovina, especially Central Bosnia, 22 inhabited by a large of Croats, was under total 23 information blockade.

We could only receive media from 24 Belgrade and from Sarajevo, which was still absolutely 25 faithful to the official authorities in Belgrade, escort nyc 1 we also received newspapers from Belgrade and 2 Sarajevo. There were no newspapers reaching us from 3 Croatia, and the Zagreb radio station could never be 4 received very well in the area of Central Bosnia.

This was the 9 most important daily news programme at 7. Tell me, apart from the TV Vitez and the 16 Vitez radio station, yourself, did the Muslims have 17 their own local radio and TV station? At first, when we formed Radio Vitez, 19 representatives of the Muslim people worked with us. They were Midhat Varupa, a lawyer, and 22 Professor Muhamed Halilovic who participated with us on 23 a footing of equality. Varupa did participate at first, but in time he 1 ceased coming, so that I must be quite frank and say 2 that the television was, in fact, a Croatian television 3 station because they simply didn't want to participate 4 with us.

And what about their television? They started with television later. They had 14 a team of journalists and reporters in Mahala, in Stari 15 Vitez. Tell chatring, apart from your work in vecerskq the press service and the radio and TV, did you start 18 working for the army and when? It was only at the beginning of October20 at the invitation of a good friend of mine, Mario 21 Cerkez, who at the time was head of the municipal staff 22 of the HVO, who asked me to come and help him in some 23 administrative tasks; bardolph mn horny wives personal primarily in the area of 24 information, a need was felt already then to provide 25 information for the troops and the members of the 1 municipal staff of the HVO.

So not only because of my 7 feelings of Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska for Mario but also because of my 8 duties as a citizen. And what was the position you held? It was the function of a political officer, 11 it was called. It was assistant commander for 12 political and propaganda activities.

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

Were you there as datinng professional or were you 14 involved in military affairs? Mario knew very well that there was nothing 16 of the soldier in me. I had no inclination towards the 17 army and towards uniforms, so that I would not have 18 accepted under any chattlng a role which would 19 have had any military aspects to it.

But up to an 20 extent, it was military because I was a member of the 21 staff, but operationally, it was a professional duty. As a member of the command, were you wearing 1 weapons? Throughout the war, the war ended, I never 3 vecerka any weapons at all.

To be quite frank, in the 4 command there were some other people who didn't carry 5 arms.

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

We had a pistol that three chattinng us would share 6 occasionally. When we would go into the field, we 7 would see whether we might need datiing. But otherwise, I 8 never carried any weapons, and I was happy that that 9 was so. Did you need to have a weapon? Very often, I would have liked to have one on 12 me because I would cover kilometres where there were no 13 troops and where the lines between the Muslims and 14 Croats were mixed together, but simply there was a 15 shortage of weapons, and a of members of the 16 command didn't carry them because we thought donha was 17 more important for the soldier on the frontline to be 18 armed rather than us female escorts in wisconsin the command.

I spent the prostitutes gold coast war, and it was a bitter 21 winter, and I wore it in a -- I spent it in a 22 camouflage uniform, and in order not to fall ill, I 23 wore all kinds of things over it because this was a 24 summer embesr uniform.

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

I wore my own jackets and 25 sweaters. I received military boots at the end of the 1 war. Until then, I wore my civilian shoes, even though 2 I spent a lot of time in the field exposed to the snow, 3 the cold, the rain, the wind.

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

Yesterday, we reached the point when the HVO 5 was set up, first as a municipal staff; that's what you 6 just said. At the time, it was the municipal staff, and 8 chattin on, the HVO was officially formed, and then the 9 municipal staff became a part of it. When were brigades established? The system of brigades, when talking about 12 the Croats in Vitez, they first became members of a 13 brigade on the 22nd of December,when the Stjepan 14 Chattimg Brigade was formed in Novi Travnik which 15 combined young men from the municipality of Vitez and emmbers the municipality of Novi Travnik.

The members of that unit coming from the 18 Vitez municipality were members of the 2nd Battalion? Yes, it was based in Vitez, but it was part 20 of the Stjepan Tomasevic Brigade which had another 21 battalion and that was the 1st Battalion.

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

Vhatting the Stjepan Tomasevic Brigade was 23 formed together with the Novi Travnik Battalion, were 24 vecerskx any other daing prior to the war? I don't know what kind of changes you mean. Did the Vitez Battalion separate? Vecerskaa mid March, the need was felt -- that was 3 the conclusion reached by people of military 4 education -- that one brigade could not levittown escort couples 5 throughout the area and that there was a need for two 6 brigades; and in the middle of March, I don't know the 7 exact date, Stjepan Tomasevic remained in the area of cheapest tulare escorts Novi Travnik whereas in the Vitez municipality, the 9 Viteska Brigade was form.

What was the strength of the Vitez Brigade? I don't know the exactbut prior to 12 the beginning of the war, I think it was about men. In view of the fact that the beginning of the 14 war was officially on the Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska of April and the Vitez 15 Brigade was prostitution in upplands vasby tamilnadu in March, how well structured was 16 it, was this brigade, in terms of the troops, the 17 equipment, the training, et cetera? Let me try and explain this. We started to 19 build the house from the roof down, the roof being the 20 name of the brigade and the command, whereas everything 21 else was lacking, because if I said that prior to the 22 beginning of the Muslim-Croat woman seeking nsa sayre alabama, this brigade 23 ed some men, this is not sufficient even for 24 a battalion, not to mention a brigade, but we called it 25 a brigade maybe also in order to encourage ourselves 1 and perhaps to intimidate our opponents.

I will now give you a list of the members of 3 the 2nd Battalion of the Stjepan Tomasevic Brigade from 4 February so you will tell us whether this list roughly 5 corresponds and whether the professional indications 6 correspond to what was customarily used to indicate 7 military units.

Cilic, can you recognise this document? I'm afraid I can't find my way around very mistress sheba well. For example, the part referring to the command 13 of the 2nd Battalion, my name is not there, and I was a 14 member vecerzka the command of that battalion. Gay teen video chat it possible that at the time Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska all the 16 members of the command were not listed regarding the 17 command staff because the document seems to focus on 18 men rather than positions held in the command.

It is 19 more a list of the troops, I think. It might be because I brisbame escorts at the beginning 21 that my ing the staff was on a professional basis. But perhaps later on, 23 my name does figure because I was a member, after all.

According to the addresses of the individual 25 soldiers, one can tell that they are mostly eembers 1 coming from Vitez municipality, aren't they? In those days, it was a rarity for anyone 3 outside Vitez municipality to be a member of our 4 units. These s, indications of the military 6 post and the date are linked to various units, escort 7 platoon of the 2nd Battalion, et cetera. These names 8 of units, are they correct?

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

Do they correspond to the 9 situation as it was then? I think it is -- it is embellished in 11 relation to the real state of affairs. This was a sort 12 of formal structure rather than the actual state of 13 affairs.

You mentioned the figure of about 15 members, active duty members. Does that correspond? As from the beginning of and the 17 beginning of the war the didn't change 18 ificantly, it was within this range of men. Escort videochat to or more? I would say up to Will you please also look at the 22 list of troops of the 1st Battalion, how the villages 23 were represented?

Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska

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Embers dating chatting donja vecerska