This is an initiative of our company as part of our duty to preserve the environment and our only home, Planet Earth, We decided to plant 1 tree for every single traveler that comes with us to Costa Rica. This will help reduce the impact on the travel made by the visitor. We feel that with every tree that we plant we and the travellers can contribute and give back to nature. We look for native species of trees and we look for a good location where to plant them, the trees will be documented and together we can watch them grow! Besides that, every traveller will have the opportunity to come back and visit the trees we have planted in their name.  

We also have raffles and give aways and we sometimes even plant trees as part of our prizes! Be sure to follow us for your chance to win something or have a tree planted in your name in Costa Rica. You can find our social media accounts here Facebook and Instagram.


As a way to share what we receive with others we take also the time to meet the people of our communities and find out what their needs are. We are currently working on donating books to a local school that has a major shortage. We are also working with our partners in 9 different locations of Costa Rica working on more projects.  



There are some projects that we support and we like to share with people and visitors from all over the world. These are activities done under regulations and conservation efforts and there are rules that need to be followed. These are locations where investigation and research is being done so we have to be mindful of that as we come to visit and learn alongside these conservation efforts. Let’s enjoy these activities responsibly please!

When visiting these activities and locations we want to share with you some important information: 

  • Smoking, drinking or drug use is absolutely prohibited during these activities. 
  • Instructions given needs to be followed. 
  • Unless you have proper equipment, please avoid taking electronics with you.
  • Don’t wear perfume nor chemical bug repellent. 
  • Try not to interact with the animals, do not touch or pet them nor give them food. This will only affect the animal. 
These are only some of the regulations that are asked to be followed and may change depending the place you go. All of them are with the interest of protecting the species, and while you are granted the permission of participating on these tours, you must, at all times , abide by the indicated regulations. 

In the other hand, it is good that you are aware that in Costa Rica there are many types of Conservation Projects! There are some species that are in danger of extinction and we do not promote tours or any kind of activity around them.

Pura Vida!