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Looking to improve your well-being? Have some upcoming medical or dental procedures that you need done? Look no further, we have partnered with some of the best medical wellness center and doctors in Costa Rica to help our clients improve their health and take care of their medical procedures for up to 60% less than the normal cost. 

Our Medical Wellness packages combines high-quality, reliable healthcare with an amazing healing experience, Traveling to other countries for health care and medical procedures has become quite popular do to the savings possibilities. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars but in the process, we also provide you with activities that will benefit your recovery mentally and physically in a natural setting perfect for healing and recharging. 


Patients from developed countries like the U.S. Canada and Europe are traveling abroad to achieve medical treatments that would be extremely costly in their country.

Why are they doing this? Our customers can achieve the care they want or need at affordable prices. Be it, dental work, physical therapy, cosmetic surgeries or needed check-ups, we make sure we provide you with prominent doctors (many of which have received their training in the U.S.A.) that will take care of your every need at world-class facilities.

As the world becomes increasingly more connected, travel is getting easier and more affordable. The cost and duration of a flight to Costa Rica is now comparable or cheaper to domestic travel. This has made combining a vacation with medical treatment much more enticing, realistic and approachable.


We are currently working with Medical Professionals and Medical Facilities in Costa Rica who’s speciality it is to receive international patients to be attended in Costa Rica. Ask yourself why not make a trip out of it? If you are saving a good amount of money and travelling at the same time. 

This country its also well known in the world of Medical Tourism. Some of the Costa Rican Medical centers, Doctors, and Dentists we work with are known to be some of the best in the world. Below you can find some of the most commonly searched or sought after services:

Dental Work

Implants - Crowns - Veneers - Bridges - Dentures


Herniated Disk - Elite Athletes - Rotator Cuff - Hip and Knee Replacement


Yoga - Spa - Retreat Center - Recovery Center - Wellness Center

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