Colorado married ladies

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Colorado married ladies

Notable Women. Dana Crawford Dana Crawford — is a nationally prominent preservationist and developer who exemplifies how one woman can transform a city. about Dana Crawford.

Colorado married ladies

Agnes W. She contributed to Wyoming and Colorado history through research, about Agnes W. about Albina Washburn. Wife of Nathaniel P. Hilla smelting entrepreneur and US senator, she created the first free kindergarten about Alice Hale Hill. Anne Evans Anne Evans — was a Colorado civic leader and patron of the arts who transformed the Denver cultural community. Among her numerous activities, Evans started and helped guide the Denver Art Museum to national prominence, assisted in the development of the Denver Public Libraryled the about Anne Evans. Antonia Brico Antonia Brico —89 was the first woman to gain wide acceptance and recognition in the field of symphony conducting.

Despite Colorado married ladies told that women could not and should not be symphony conductors, she completed the rigorous conducting course at the University of Berlin and conducted many major about Antonia Brico. Augusta Tabor Augusta Tabor. Tabor Grocery in Buckskin Joe.

Augusta Tabor's Denver Mansion. about Augusta Tabor. Beatrice Willard Dr. Beatrice Willard — was an internationally recognized tundra ecologist who made ificant contributions to environmental policy in Colorado and the nation. Her research in the Colorado mountains established her as a well-known ecologist, educator, and negotiator. about Beatrice Willard.

Caroline Bancroft Caroline Bancroft. Caroline Bancroft —85 was a prominent author, journalist, organizer, and socialite in twentieth-century Denver. about Caroline Bancroft. about Caroline Nichols Churchill. In Holly became the first woman to get a bill she drafted made into law, the so-called Holly Law, which raised about Carrie Clyde Holly. Carrie Welton Longs Peak seen from the east at sunrise. Bear Lake and Longs Peak. The Homestretch. Carrie Welton —84 was a relatively well-known socialite and amateur mountaineer who climbed Colorado Fourteeners in the s.

When Welton perished during an ill-advised autumn ascent of Longs Peak inshe became the focal point of a national discussion concerning backcountry safety and about Carrie Welton. Chipeta Chipeta. Chipeta — was a Ute woman known for her intelligence, judgment, empathy, bravery, and quiet strength, all of which made her the only woman of her time allowed on the Ute council. She was also the wife of Ouraywhom the United States recognized as the de facto Ute leader in the late about Chipeta. In office, she became the first woman to serve in a leadership role as secretary of the about Clara Cressingham.

Florence Rena Sabin One of the preeminent medical and scientific minds of the early twentieth Colorado married ladies, Dr. Florence Rena Sabin — was a public servant devoted to improving public health. As the first woman to receive a full professorship at Johns Hopkins University, Sabin was also a successful woman in the about Dr.

Florence Rena Sabin. Eliza Pickrell Routt — was the first First Lady of the territory and later state of Colorado in —79 and — When Colorado became the second about Eliza Pickrell Routt.

Colorado married ladies

Elizabeth Byers Elizabeth Byers. Byers-Evans House. Byers Family in South Denver. Her focus on the poor led her to found about Elizabeth Byers. Elizabeth Ensley Elizabeth Piper Ensley — was a political activist and reformer who worked throughout her life for gender and racial equality.

about Elizabeth Ensley. After arriving in Denver in as a twenty-four-year-old sewing-machine saleswoman, she married wealthy cattleman John Wesley Iliff. about Elizabeth Iliff Warren. Baby Doe Tabor. Ellis Meredith Ellis Meredith. Colorado Women Get the Vote. Standing less than five feet tall Colorado married ladies weighing around pounds, Ellis Meredith was a tiny woman, but she took large strides to improve life for the women of Colorado.

The daughter of a well-known suffragette and pioneer resident of Montana, Emily R. Meredith, Ellis understood the importance of about Ellis Meredith. Emily Elizabeth Wilson Central City, about Emily Elizabeth Wilson. Emily Griffith Emily Griffith — was a visionary educator in the field of adult, vocational, and alternative education.

After working as a teacher and administrator in Denvershe started the Denver Opportunity School inpremised on the idea that education should be accessible to everyone about Emily Griffith.

Colorado married ladies

Estella Bergere Leopold Dr. Estella Leopold is a world-renowned paleobotanist who helped spearhead the fight to save Florissant Fossil Beds in Florissant, Colorado. She was the recipient of several awards during her career, including Conservationist of the Year from the Colorado Wildlife Federation, the Keep about Estella Bergere Leopold.

Fannie Mae Duncan Fannie Mae Duncan — was an entrepreneur and an activist for racial equality at a time of segregation in Colorado Springs. about Fannie Mae Duncan. Frances Klock Frances S. Klock — was one of the first three women—along with Clara Cressingham and Carrie Clyde Holly —to serve as a state legislator in the United States.

Colorado married ladies

The three ran for office inone year after women in Colorado achieved the right to vote. In addition to serving as a member about Frances Klock. Born into a prominent family, she inherited drive and ambition from her successful parents and established a legacy for herself in politics, suffrageand local charitable organizations. She was regarded as one of about Gertrude Hill Berger Cuthbert. Hannah Marie Wormington As a pioneering woman in a field dominated by men, Hannah Marie Wormington —94 carved a scholarly niche for herself on the frontiers of American archaeology.

She was a larger-than-life figure whose impact went far beyond the dozens of publications she produced to include mentorship for many about Hannah Marie Wormington. Helen G. Bonfils Helen Gilmer Bonfils — was a well-known Colorado actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She is best known as Colorado married ladies of The Denver Post and for her contributions to the theater in Colorado through her time as an actress, producer, and later benefactress of the Helen G. about Helen G. Burial place of H. Helen Hunt Jackson —85 was an accomplished poet, author, and activist in the nineteenth century.

about Helen Hunt Jackson. In her role as senator during the Progressive Erashe was a passionate advocate for social reform that supported women, education, about Helen Ring Robinson.

Colorado married ladies

Helen Thorpe Helen Thorpe. Helen Thorpe — is Colorado married ladies Denver -based journalist and former first lady of Colorado. After spending the s writing for the New York Observer, New Yorker, and Texas Monthly, she met and married Denver brewery owner John Hickenlooper just before he launched his political career. She served about Helen Thorpe. In addition to her artistic success, she was a Denver socialite. As an assistant city attorney for Denverfirst president of the Colorado Association for Mental Health, and a Democratic state representative, McLaughlin helped reform about Jane Woodhouse McLaughlin.

After the revolt, Utes took Josephine, her mother, another woman, and her two children captive for nearly a month. about Josephine Meeker. Josephine Roche Josephine Roche. Josephine Aspinwall Roche — was a Colorado industrialist, labor advocate, and politician known for her role in reforming the Colorado coal industry in the s.

about Josephine Roche. Julia Greeley Julia Greeley c. Around she moved to Denver and became a Catholic.

Colorado married ladies Colorado married ladies

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Women of the Century: 10 influential women in Colorado's history