Monteverde is a little town situated in the famous cloud forests of Costa Rica, one of the rarest environments in the world, home to eight different biological zones. A nature and bird lovers paradise, the cloud forests are filled with over 500 bird species like the famous quetzal, and other wildlife such as jaguars, ocelots, the red eyed-tree frog, and innumerable species of plant life. The temperature, elevation and various other factors have created the perfect environment for the constant mist that makes the forest appear to be in the clouds. There are many trails cutting through the forest and large suspension bridges that allow you to walk above the clouds and above the forest canopies.
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We offer three tours in one! Coffee, Cacao & Sugarcane walk trough a plantation where you will learn more about Costa Rica, the history and will get to see the processes carried by these seeds. This is a cultural tour!
3 hours
0+ years
$ 35 USD

Per Person

Sky Trek Monteverde is a thrilling zip line circuit that’s located in the magical forests of Monteverde. Enjoy panoramic views from the highest points and appreciate true nature.
2,5 hours
6+ years
$ 84 USD

Per Person

Your tour guide will be sure to point out the interesting wildlife that you may be lucky enough to see! Walk different paths through the cloud forest.
4 hours
4+ years
$ 85 USD

Per Person

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