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For details, including information on parental consent, and FAQs, visit: mass. This new "dashboard" format of reporting was added to this on April 27, This new format will make data updates to freetownma. Necessary updates will continue to be posted in a blog-type format below, as necessary.

Governor Baker has issued three new COVID Orders, ordering early closing for certain businesses and activities, limiting hours of alcohol and adult use cannabis sales and revising orders involving face coverings in public and limitations on gatherings in the Commonwealth. Indoor gatherings at private residents are now limited to 10 people, and outdoor gatherings at private residences are limited to 25 people.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

The limit on gatherings held in in public spaces and at event venues remains the same. The revised orders also require all gatherings regardless of size or location must end and disperse by pm. Face masks are also now required in all public places, even where individuals are able to maintain 6 feet of distance from others. The Commonwealth has also shared an infographic about Thanksgiving, viewable below. They will need to be in quarantine for 2 weeks after their last exposure and it is recommended that they are tested.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

We should all continue to be vigilant and constantly be monitoring ourselves for symptoms, seek testing when symptoms develop, and follow safety protocols including mask wearing, frequent hand washing, and social distancing. We have been through a lot. Everything involving Covid has taken over our daily lives. We have all stayed home as much as we can. We have all sacrificed in one way or another due to this.

During this time, I felt like it was important to keep the residents aware of what was going on in the community so we decided early on that we were going to let the public know when we got a case and how many we have in town total. Now that we have made our way through the surge and we are starting to focus on the reopen, I feel like the reporting will also follow that same path.

Therefore, starting today, we will be updating the figures reporting to the Town's website weekly, instead of daily. If we do indeed hit another surge then this will change back to daily, and if there is a day with an abnormal amount of cases I will also post that. As we move forward, please remember and give a thought and prayer to the family and friends of the 3 residents we lost from this pandemic and the dozens that were effected. Please remember your social distancing. Please remember your mask. And most of all, please remember to respect one another. We send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the resident.

Please remember to do your part to stop the spread. Masks are now mandatory in stores in the Commonwealth, and also in any outdoor public places where social distancing is not possible. Wear a mask, protect everyone. Per a recent Governor Baker order, starting Wednesday, May 6thface coverings will be required in any building and anyplace where social distancing cannot be achieved. I am asking our local businesses that have customers that enter to please be strict about not allowing access to customers without masks.

This is a big step in getting us as a town and a state back up and running. We all need to play our part in getting back to normal and this is a big step in that direction. Thank you for your cooperation. Unfortunately, Mr. No further details will be announced. Everyone here at the Town of Freetown sends their deepest thoughts, prayers and sympathy to the family and friends of this resident. In the interest of privacy, no other information will be given. We send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this resident.

Board of Health Agent Derek Macedo is now reporting 7 new confirmed cases in the Town, raising our total to 42 cases. If your experiencing symptoms, please call your PCP or local health provider before going to a location. Most of all, take steps to keep you and your family safe during these unprecedented times. Board of Health Agent Derek Macedo is reporting two additional confirmed cases in the Town of Freetown, bringing the Town-wide total to The ly noted reporting problem has Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts been fixed, and 8 new cases are being confirmed in the Town of Freetown, bringing our total to A message Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts the Board of Health Agent You may have noticed that Freetown has not reported any new cases since Friday.

This is -- unfortunately -- not because there have not been new cases. We are working through a reporting issue between labs, the state, and your local government. This is not a Freetown specific issue, as there are a few communities who have not gotten updated s. This is unprecedented times for everyone and there are going to be bumps in the road. We are working hard with our partners in public health to get this fixed and report accurate s to you as soon as we can. Board of Health Agent Derek Macedo is now reporting an 11th confirmed case of COVID in a Freetown resident, and would like to remind everyone, once more, to practice social distancing and proper hand washing.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

A surge of confirmed cases is expected in the coming days. Freetown has learned of an 10th confirmed case of Covid, bringing Freetown's total up by 3 residents. As we are entering the surge of the virus here in Massachusetts, we are expecting the of positive cases to continue to climb. Now is the time to be practicing your best social distancing and hand washing. Please everyone, be smart and be safe. We know as the weather gets warmer we are going to want to get out more, but if we want this virus to go away so we can really enjoy the weather, we have to be smart now.

Social distancing IS working and we are almost through the worst of it. To view this announcement, along with Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts rest of Mr. Macedo's update, please. The Town of Freetown is announcing another new case of the Coronavirus in our residents, bringing the total of cases in Freetown to 6.

This new case is another reminder of the importance of proper social distancing protocols. All direct contacts have been contacted and the residents are all properly following quarantine protocols. We will continue to update this website with new cases and helpful information as it becomes available.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

Thanks and stay safe. CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain e. CDC also advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.

Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face covering without assistance. The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N respirators. Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance. See below for a downloadable sheet Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts contains all the CDC guidelines on these cloth face coverings, along with instructions on how to make your own with both sewing and non-sewing instructions!

The Town of Freetown is announcing 3 new cases of the Coronavirus in our residents, bringing the total of cases in Freetown to 5. All direct contacts have been contacted and the residents are properly following quarantine protocols. There will be some new procedures in place in light of the ongoing Covid pandemic, adhering to CDC guidelines to promote proper social distancing and the safety of our employees and residents.

The Town of Freetown is reporting a second confirmed positive Covid case. This person has been under quarantine for almost a week now. All appropriate parties have been notified.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

As of this writing, we currently have cases in Massachusetts with 31 in Bristol County and 64 in Plymouth County. This is a constantly changing and more challenging issue to deal with on a daily basis. As testing is becoming more prevalent, so are the gaps in reporting, which can make it very difficult to get informed information out to the public. Please know anything being reported on this website is done once we have confirmed lab. At this point, the governor had closed all non-essential businesses until April 7 th If you are unsure about your businesses deation, please reach out to me.

If you believe you are non-essential but would like to apply for an exemption through the state.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

There is information on Mass. Please practice good social distancing, wash your hands, and use sanitizer. Check on Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts neighbor, especially if they have a medical condition or are elderly. We all play a piece in trying to flatten the curve. Your local restaurants are still open and doing take out.

If you can, please support your local businesses that are really struggling to stay afloat during this time. Lastly, your Health Department is working very hard to keep you informed. As soon as we get any new info, we will be posting it to our website and social media s. Please also visit Mass. Please Stay Safe. There may be confusion about the information that can be shared about individuals who have contracted COVID, those suspected of exposure to the Novel Coronavirus, and those with whom information can be shared.

The Town will not be sharing the personal information of anyone whom we have been alerted as to having COVID to any members of the public or media. What we will be sharing is the latest s of those confirmed, new information and older information about precautions and the latest list of rules and regulations and changes to government around containing the spread and flattening the curve of the COVID spike.

For information about COVID and testing and risk assessment, you can still call the Mass Department of Healthbut the Freetown Board of Health is not able to give out any personal information about people that have tested positive. At their meeting on March 20,the Board of Selectmen voted to have non-essential personnel generally, office staff work from home, with essential personnel department he working from home and in their offices at a reduced schedule, for the immediate future.

Please be advised that mail, the mailbox in front of the town hall, phone messages and s WILL be checked, though the response time may be a bit slower than usual. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please see the attached Building Closure Operational Guidelines, approved by the Board at this meeting below. The resident is currently in quarantine now and has been for a few days now. More information about the individual is not available at this time. Please use this as a reminder that we all share a part in flattening the curve of positive cases.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

It is also important to call your primary care physician or local emergency room if you feel you meet the criteria for testing; do not simply show up in the office. Reducing the of interactions helps reduce the chances of spreading and transmitting the COVID virus.

The staff at Town Hall and other town buildings will continue to perform their duties and be present to assist you via telephone or e-mail during their normal business hours. Residents and others will be able to pay bills by check or money order by placing all necessary paperwork in an envelope and dropping them off in the black mailbox in front of the Town Hall. This mailbox will be checked regularly. At this time, out of an abundance of caution and for the protection of our staff and other residents, cash is NOT being accepted.

If you are looking for copies of documents such as birth certificates, septic system plans, assessor records, Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts. If you need to discuss these matters with the individual departments, please call the appropriate office. A blanket decision on meetings of individual Boards, Commissions or Committees utilizing Town buildings was not made at this time.

As the public health situation is constantly in a state of flux, please be aware that further closings may be a possibility in the future, and will be communicated as soon as information is available. At a press conference on March 14th, Governor Baker reminded all Massachusetts residents that the most up-to-date information on COVID and the Commonwealth's response to it can be found at mass.

The Board of Health is recommending that all social activities and gatherings of 50 people or more be postponed or cancelled until the spread of the Covid virus is contained.

Adult dating Freetown Massachusetts

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