Paradise Hot Springs Day Pass

Activity Description

Departing from: Arenal Volcano

Spend a relaxing time in our attractions with our Day Pass and Meal.Paradise is a thermal water Resort of relaxation & wellbeing through natural thermal water at different temperatures, hydromassage, instrumental music, tropical gardens and a maximum capacity. Pure mineral and thermal water from the Earth’s insides, a healing gift from nature.laxation Paradise. Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of water, either through the use of heat, mechanical means (by pressure), or its chemical properties. Hydrotherapy can take place in spas, saunas, thermal spring baths, or other types of baths that have similar characteristics. It is a form of physical therapy, intended to treat a number of illnesses, injuries, and disorders. In spite of the great advances in medicine, hydrotherapy still serves as a complement to maintain overall wellbeing.

What is included:

• Ticket Entrance.

What to know:

• Ages: All ages. • Any time between: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm. • Duration: 11 hours hours max.

What to bring:

• Wear comfortable clothes or bathing suit. Bring an extra set of dry clothes. • Wear water-shoes or flip-flops. Or enjoy barefoot. • Sunscreen is always recommended. Insect repellent will be a good idea to have. • Camera.

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Adults: $28 per person. Child: $16 per person (3 to 11 years old).


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