Can I travel to Costa Rica right now?

Can I travel to Costa Rica right now?

The answer is yes, you can definitely travel to Costa Rica. Since October 15th the country opened up its borders to foreigners in an effort to kick start the economy and begin to transition to a normal way of life after quarantine. The real question is, what is life like in Costa Rica during the Covid-19 pandemic? And does it affect your travel plans?  

I flew into Costa Rica on the 21st of October almost a week  after they initially opened the borders. I wasn’t shocked to see that they had strict social distancing measures in place as well as mask mandate and as we walked to the immigration area we reached a checkpoint where they checked our temperatures as we came in. Costa Rica is a conscious country when it comes to matters like this and they are very keen on disinfecting public areas as well as managing social distancing and other precautionary measures very well. Everyone seems to be on the same page however there is definitely the same understanding that the country as a whole needs to get back to business and to find a way to manage the spread of the virus with the advancement of the economy.  

As I traveled around Costa Rica it was nice to see things opening back up. At this point in time all restaurants and bars and even clubs are allowed to be open however there is a strict curfew and the hours are extremely limited. However this does allow for you to enjoy some of the same things you were able to before the pandemic. The main difference is the curfew as well as the mask mandate and social distancing rules which are pretty standard around the world. The curfew for Costa Rican’s is from 10pm to 5am during weekdays and from 9pm to 5am on Saturdays and Sundays.  

As far as activities and other excursions I was able to hike some trails and enjoy some national parks. I called around to all of our providers to see how they were handling the situation and they informed me that they were open for business but of course with different procedures to protect against the spread of Covid-19.  

Long story short, if you travel to Costa Rica right now you will surely have a great time and it will seem fairly back to normal so that you can enjoy your vacation without ruining your plans or not being able to enjoy activities and outings. I had an amazing time as always in Costa Rica and I was very glad to be able to go back after being on lockdown for so many months! 

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