Costa Rica is My Playground



As an adult we get wrapped up into our daily routines, our jobs, and focusing most of our energy and attention to getting things on our to do list checked off, that we forget the joy of not looking at a clock, exploring and enjoying adventures among friends completely in the moment, like when we were young kids on playing on the playground.  


That is what my last trip to Costa Rica taught me, this land is so magical and so rich that it offers more than just visual pleasures like beautiful beaches and adventure activities like ziplining, it does have this too and it is very fun no doubt but when you are down here in Costa Rica it is like you tune in to the frequency of the land here and the rainforests, and volcanoes, and the people. You get brought into the vibe here and it allows you to hear things, and feel things, and understand things a bit more clear than we can in our concrete jungles with all of our electronics and wifi and data at every turn. Down here I don’t wear a watch and I try to disconnect with technology and connect more with the people I’m with.


This trip made me realize that Costa Rica is like one big playground to me, one because of the feeling and the vibe down here with the full immersion in the moment, and because down here it is one of the few places left on earth that can truly be said to be untouched by humans. In Nosara off the coast of Guanacaste where we were, there are still many dirt roads, even main roads are dirt roads. This trip we wanted to explore the coast and the beaches so we rented ATV’s and made the trek up the coast toward Tamarindo. Our ride was about 14 miles round trip through dirt roads, short cuts, main roads, and more back roads which led us to some of the most beautiful beaches, and look out spots with breathtaking views. I felt like I was in a video game and my two friends and I were in a race to the finish line. Looking at the beautiful coastline and country- side as we went. We stopped at a few beaches along the way and a couple amazing look out spots where we flew the drone and drank some fresh juices we bought. It was some of the most fun I have had in a long time and with out a doubt left me with lasting memories to share for years to come. At the end of the road after driving through the back roads and short cuts we arrived at a famous restaurant on the beach called Lolas, where we enjoyed more fresh juice and a delicious fresh caught snapper dinner.


After we relaxed for quite some time caught some rays, and shade and 3 – 4 glasses of fresh mango, pineapple, and passion fruit juice,  we decided it was time to head back home to catch sunset at one of the best beaches to do this and also catch some waves. We drove back home with the same speed and excitement as the journey here. We stopped at our hotel and picked up the surfboard and some birras or beers, and made it just in time for the sunset and my friend Eric was able to catch a few waves. I just sat there on the beach thinking about and reliving the events of the day and how much fun I had, life is good!


That is why I have come to the conclusion that Costa Rica is my playground, because every time I go down there I have an experience that reminds me of how I would feel playing on the playground as a kid with no time constraints, no to do list, and fully immersed in whatever adventure my friends and I were on at the time. I go down to Costa Rica with the intention to explore a new area, or explore more of a place that I have been before, either way there is always something new to do and see, and there fore I treat it as a new adventure with my friends and lose all sense of time and urgency, and just go with the flow –  adult playground style!


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